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Jodi Thomas author of A Christmas Affair, shares some Christmas favorites

I was thrilled when Jodi agreed to share some of her Christmas favorites with us; to include Aunt Dixie’s Divinity!  You can read my review of A Christmas Affair and enjoy getting to know a little more about Jodi.  Feel free to share some of your Christmas favorites.  It is hard to believe we are 2 months away from Christmas!  If you are still looking for gift ideas I would recommend A Christmas Affair or…

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Christmas Falls Blast – Ready for Christmas stories! Authors are promoting with a $100 giveaway

I love a good Christmas story.  In the Christmas Falls series we have seven heartwarming (and CLEAN) Christmas stories.  The authors have collaborated on a $100 giveaway to promote their books so check out the books and the rafflecopter below.  That could make for some great Christmas money 🙂   Most of these authors are new to me so feel free to share if you are familiar with their writing.  And as always please come back and leave…