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MTAR offering sponsored posts to authors, book-related businesses

At More Than A Review, we offer a myriad of services to the book-loving community with the most notable being our unique book review system. We’ve been able to offer book spotlights and author spotlights to authors for several years and are happy to announce a new service that will be available to not only authors, but to any approved business that offers products or services related to reading or book writing.
Starting in March, we will offer two different packages that feature a sponsored post on our website and include social media amplification. The sponsored posts will be hosted in a featured location on our homepage for a designated amount of time and will receive promotion on all our social media channels. The sponsored posts will continue to be hosted on our blog for an indefinite amount of time.

We thought the easiest way to share about our new service would be FAQ style so here are the answers to your burning questions!

Why do a sponsored post?
Sponsored posts are an excellent method of content marketing for any brand. They expose our audience to your product or service and provide a proven way to improve your own SEO through links and social media amplification. Authentic, helpful blogs are some of the most popular, and, more importantly, trusted forms of communication available. A sponsored blog post allows you to educate the audience and really let your expertise shine, setting your books, or book-related products and services above the rest in both the search engines and in brand recognition.

Who should consider doing a sponsored post?
We welcome any author or book/reading-related service or product provider that fits our brand. That’s what makes sponsored posts so effective—the fact that people who trust our brand know we won’t promote any book, product, or service that doesn’t fit our standards. At More Than A Review, our community knows we stick with clean books and companies that are ethical and offer excellent book-related products or services.

We encourage traditional, independent, and self-published authors to participate. We will work with individual authors or publishing company marketing agent.

Do you have a product or service that would help avid readers or authors and think you’re a good fit for our site? Maybe you’re a book editor or new independent publisher. Or, you sell products related to books and reading. Contact us to see if your product or service would be a good fit!

What are the guidelines for a sponsored post?
Advertisers are asked to submit a blog post with at least 500 words that has a helpful message that pertains to their brand. At least one picture is required and having more than one picture, including the logo, is encouraged. Two links (will be set to no follow) are allowed within each post.

All sponsored posts will be required to use Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Google guidelines for sponsored content including disclosure and all links will be “no follow.”

All sponsored posts must be prepaid before publication and submitted at least three business days prior to desired publication.

Sponsored blog posts should not be just a sales pitch. A chapter preview or an author interview are two great examples for authors. Wanting to promote a product or service? One idea for that style of sponsored post is to educate readers on what to look for when purchasing that product or service. What makes a good choice and how does your product or service fit the bill?

Advertisers are encouraged to repurpose the content by sharing it on their social media channels. We ask that advertisers not post the same blog post to their own site verbatim as it interferes with search engine rankings. We do encourage advertisers to post a blog post on their site with a summary of the sponsored blog post and a link to the full article on our site.

Sponsored posts will be the only advertising on that blog post page, which gives the advertiser an exclusive voice.

How do I submit a sponsored post?
We are excited that you are interested in partnering with us to promote your books, products, or services! Now that you understand why you should invest in your brand with a sponsored post on More Than A Review, we want to share the “how.”

The process is really quite easy:

  • Choose your preferred package (more on that in a moment).
  • Contact Donna Feyen to indicate your interest and to ensure that your book, product, or service is a good fit.
  • Use our easy payment button to submit payment.
  • Submit the blog post and pictures within three business days of desired publication.

See? We told you it was easy!

Now, for the packages. We offer two great solutions for you with our Standard and Gold packages:

Standard Sponsored Post Package ($100)

  • A sponsored post up to 1,000 words that will be featured on the homepage for several days then hosted indefinitely on our blog
  • Two links (no follow) within the blog post
  • At least one submitted photo (including logo)
  • Mentions on Facebook and Twitter when the blog publishes

Gold Sponsored Post Package ($150)

  • A sponsored post up to 1,000 words that will be featured on the homepage for several days then hosted indefinitely on our blog
  • Two links (no follow) within the blog post
  • At least one submitted photo (including logo)
  • Several mentions on Facebook and Twitter during the month of publication
  • Inclusion of a summary and link to the blog in our bi-monthly newsletter (more than 4,000 subscribers)

We can also offer advertisers the opportunity to have one of our professional writers compose the blog post for an additional $50 per blog.

Are you interested in a series of sponsored blog posts? Contact Donna to discuss potential special rates for bulk purchasing.

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