A Bride for a Bit By JoAnn A. Grote, Cathy Marie Hake, Janelle Burnham Schneider, Pamela Kaye Tracy


Misreading an order for bridles, a New England farmer sends his four sisters-in-law as mail-order brides to Lickwind, Wyoming. When the four women step off the train, astonishment turns to mayhem as the men of the town suddenly spruce up and make time for courting. Since James Collingswood – still without tack for his horses – can’t afford train tickets to send the women back, they’ll have to stay. But what future is there in Lickwind for: Matty, the sociable sister who irritates James’ very soul with her unending friendliness to the eager men of Lickwind. Corrine, the mom-to-be still so pained over her young husband’s death that she barely knows Luke Collingswood is alive. Bess, who insists that the town must have a church, reform the brothel women, and straighten up the saloon keeper, Gideon Rikers. Bertie, who can outperform any man she ever meets…until the mysterious Thomas Hardin becomes her personal protection agency. Under such absurd circumstances, the sisters will certainly find laughter in Lickwind…but will they also find love? One thing’s for sure – the town will never be the same again!



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    Comments by Reviewer Judy DeVries A Christmas Home by Greg Kincaid Book 3 Todd McCray may not be the smartest young man around due to some learning disabilities but he definitely has a gift with animals. Especially dogs. Todd loves working at their local shelter and actually teaches the dogs tricks. When hard times hit the small town of Crossing Trails, Kansas, Todd is pushed into some tough choices. As are his parents who want to protect their special son but realize it’s time to set him free instead. Laura Jordan knows how special Todd is. He has trained her remarkable dog, Gracie, to help Laura because of her rheumatoid arthritis. As Todd helps Laura out at the Wellness Center and she volunteers at the shelter once a week they become best friends and perhaps even more. This book brought tears to my eyes from the get-go. Starting out with a real life situation of folks losing their home and having to give up their dog. A definite real life situation. The author has you inside the minds of most of the characters throughout the book but never in a confusing way. The story centers around the shelter but also the people. How the lady feels who has dementia, Todd’s parents letting go, Todd’s confusion at times sorting out life. I won’t give any more away. I really enjoyed this book but would highly suggest reading A Dog Named Christmas to have the details of what happened before this book. Book 1: A Dog Named Christmas (this also became a Hallmark movie) Book 2: Christmas With Tucker **Crown Publishing, a division of Random House http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/08/loveswept-classic-romances-revived.html