Author Interview & Guest Post Policy

Author Interviews and Guest Posts are almost always done in conjunction with a book giveaway.  The only exception is if I approach an author and ask if they would like to do an interview then a giveaway is not required.

If your book is clean or mild (mild if any sex scenes, no strong language & no gratuitous violence or torture) and you are interested in an interview or guest post along with a giveaway just contact me (Donna at MoreThanaReview dot com) so we can arrange something.

There is no charge other than the cost of the book you are giving away.  You will be shipping the book directly to the winner.  Printed copies typically draw more entries than ebooks. The best combination seems to be allowing the winner their choice of either a printed copy or an ebook. (Printed copy can be limited to shipping in the US only). You can give away just ebooks or just a printed copy if that is all you have available.

Clean Romance, Young Adult, and Christian books typically draw the most interest on More Than a Review. If you are sending a physical copy, I always recommend autographing it. For a reader there is nothing better!