More Than A Review offers readers and authors the opportunity to find, review, and promote books that fits not only their reading interests, but also matches their comfort level with potentially objectionable content such as sex, drugs/alcohol, violence, and foul language.

Through MTAR’s unique book rating system, readers can know ahead of time what types and how much potentially offensive content is between the book’s covers. More Than A Review also provides authors a platform to promote their clean books through their book and author spotlight programs.

We call our fans, librarians, authors and friends the “MTAR community” because that’s what we are—a community of people who love reading books but who don’t want to encounter harmful or simply offensive content.

We invite you to join our community by reviewing books, joining our newsletter, and utilizing our site’s author resources.



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Our review and rating system gives you the reader the ability to tell others not only what potentially offensive material might be in the book but how much. We all have different levels of sensitivity to certain content and by participating in our unique book review system, you are helping others decide if a book is truly right for them to read.