Have you wondered what successful women do differently?

 My review of successful womenSuccessful Women Speak Differently by Valorie Burton.

Have you wondered what successful women do differently than the average woman?  Is it nature or nuture?  Is this something that we can learn?

Valorie discovered that successful women do two things differently.  In this book she shares real life stories from women, practical relevant research, coaching questions and spiritual insights. In addition, she shares habits of successful women and how to incorporate them in our own life.

“The most successful people make wise decisions early in life and manage those decisions for the rest of their lives”  John Maxwell. This is great advice for millennial’s  and still gives hope to those that are later in life.

Your ability to influence people is directly correlated with whether or not they like you. She recommends a way to increase your influence is praise the good you see in other people. Your pattern of speech can predict the likelihood of your success. Women will often soften their statements to almost make it sound like a question or make it sound as if they are uncertain. She challenges us to own our statements, own our ideas and advocate for them.  She is a strong believer in that your thoughts will also shape your actions. So become aware of your thoughts and redirect them to productive ones. When you have something really important that you need to get across, she recommends practicing it and even sometimes recording it to hear how it sounds. A strong voice gets interrupted less often and commands more attention.  Some practical ways to improve your voice essence; Breathe correctly, stand up straight, lower your pitch, slow down (personally, this is my biggest issue).

You’ve probably seen were two people say exactly the same thing but their statements have two different meanings and are heard differently by others. It’s the subtle changes that can make a difference. One of the best ways to improve your vocal essence is to listen to yourself and record it. She also recommends to take a good hard look at yourself to see if you need to improve your personal grooming; your posture and your wardrobe.

speak differentAnother great tip I got from this book was to not fill the silence. Often we will talk aimlessly to cover it up especially if we are nervous. In silence, a breakthrough can emerge. Another tip was is to tune out the distractions and give your whole attention to the conversation. I think in today’s world we are often distracted by our cell phones.  To fully be in the conversation is a great way to build relationships.

She recommends that exercise reduces negative energy. I’m a firm believer in that since I started running a few years ago and it definitely helps me with stress.

She believes that successful women do two things differently than the average woman. They think differently about how they face challenges and opportunities and they speak differently both in every day conversation and in crucial conversations at work.

The confidence with which they communicate which includes their presence, credibility and voice can be far more influential than their talents or efforts.

valerie bThis is my first book by Valorie Burton. She is the author of 9 books and another one that I plan to read is Successful Women Think Differently.   I recommend the book and have already started implementing some of her tips.

Valorie Burton is a bestselling author and speaker who helps people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of their lives. As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Valorie has served hundreds of clients in over 40 states and ten countries, and is the founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CAPP) Institute.