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The kingdom of Bethany was once a beautiful place made up of five magical nations, each with their own special gifts. It all changed in a day, however, when the murderous dredgelings arrived. No one quite knows where they came from or how they keep multiplying, no matter how many are killed in the long, cruel war they’ve waged. 
All seems to be lost, until a human girl named Taylor is mistakenly transported to Bethany. Kane, the king over these nations, despises her whole-heartedly at first, and then she makes him laugh for the first time since the devastation began years ago. And the earthling manages to find new ways to surprise him with her valor and loyalty every single day. Unfortunately, Taylor’s only wish through their dangerous quest to reunite three magical stones and save the kingdom, aside from surviving this fearful place, is to return home.
But as fate goes, she soon discovers the only way to recapture the stones and save the lives of the royals she’s come to love as her first real family is to give up any hope of ever returning to her old life. In the end it all comes down to what sort of hero she truly is, one to her own self, or one to entire nations.
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April Marcom is a Pre-K teacher’s assistant and mother of three. Her greatest passion, second only to her family and faith, is writing romance. Like the characters in her stories, there’s nothing more important to her than the people she loves. 
April has enjoyed writing fiction since grade school, but only began pursuing publication in recent years. She is the author of such books as Good vs. Evil High and Wisteria and the Pirate Assassin. Besides writing, she loves baking, hiking, watching old movies, and dreaming of faraway places.
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War has fractured the kingdom of Bethany. It is into this volatile situation that Taylor finds herself when she is pulled from her own home. Her desire to return home slowly shifts to a desire to see peace in the land that her new friends call home.

The reader is thrown into the action right from the start, which can be a bit disconcerting but left me with a desire to know more. As a whole, the story has a steady flow and is an excellent addition to the fantasy genre. The characters are fun, although a bit on the clichéd side, and the dredgelings were truly terrifying.

I highly enjoyed the interactions between the characters but I feel like it could have been expanded more. The sudden POV changes mid-chapter were confusing at times. Also, the actual stones don’t come into the story until about 75% into the book, which I found disappointing.

Overall, I found this to be a fun way to spend a few hours and would recommend this to any reader fond of fantasy and fish out of water style stories.

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