Shannon Clark, Author of Angel Above and Creator of Post Pals

Meet Shannon Clark who is a Mom on a Mission.  In just one year she has created two books and Post Pals.  This initiated from a conversation with her son right after Christmas.  She wants children to know how much they are loved and that God is with them.  She has created Angel Pals for toddlers and Blessed Baby.  Post Pals has a purpose of keeping families connected.

Our takeaways from Shannon’s interview are:
  •      Find the balance between family and business
  •      Children come first
  •      Having a great support system is very important
  •      People believing in you and guiding you is key
  •      If  you have a dream, pursue it.  It is so rewarding!

shannon clark  Author Shannon Clark, developed the idea for Angels Above books and accessories from a conversation with her five-year-old son after Christmas. He asked, “Why are you putting Jesus in a Box?” She explained they could get the decorations out the following year. Her son then asked, “Can I keep Jesus in my room?” So he placed the Nativity scene on his book case. Having a symbol of Jesus nearby made him feel protected and that God was with him.

It was that moment that impacted Shannon in a very special way and inspired her to write Angel Pals and Blessed Baby. “I wanted to create something for all children that would serve as a symbol of God’s love and presence in their life.”

post palsToday, Shannon creates a memorable experience for children through her books and accessories which promote purposeful play and reinforce good values such as kindness and generosity, encouraging kids to take action and let their light shine around the world.

Angels Above strives to be a light to children all over the world, by providing 10 meals to a child in need for every book purchased.

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