Mishael Porembski, Author of 180 Your Life, Interview at CBA Unite 2017

I invite you to join me for an engaging interview with Mishael Porembski, Author of 180 Your Life.  I had the opportunity to interview Mishael at the Christian Bookseller Association Unite 2017 conference in Cincinnati, OH.  Mishael Porembski is a 20-year network news veteran and Southeastern Emmy Award winning documentarian. Mishael used her journalism skills to interview and compile a winning team of experts – Bethany Rutledge, Ilana Katz, MS, RD, CCSD and Dr. Bridget Heneghan – along with detailed research, providing a fresh, healthy approach to grief recovery. Tested by the real-life widows of Mishael’s nonprofit, Team Lady 180, the principles of 180 Your Life were gleaned from the experience and success of bereaved women who decided to become a team with a common goal, train body mind and spirit, and create triumph in their lives by crossing a finish line and helping others.

  • Takeaways from my interview with Mishael Porembski

    • Tragedy doesn’t define you; Your Choices in the Tragedy are what define you
    • What the Hay-Ho  I have used this several times since 🙂
    • Don’t be that sad person.
    • Make the next best decision
    • Team – Train – Triumph
    • The enemy plays unfair; make good choices to combat him
    • When you cannot understand God’s hand; trust His heart
    • PTG – Post Traumatic Growth
    • If you are going to go through grief you might as well do it well

If you missed my Facebook live interview with Mishael, you can watch it here.

180 your life180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph: A Woman’s Grief Guide is a raw, authentic journey into the heart of loss that empowers widows, bereaved women, and their families. 180 Your Life is a year-long grief empowerment program that strengthens widows, bereaved women, and their families by providing practical steps to Team, Train, Triumph after loss. This book teaches readers how to nourish their bodies during grief, exercise in a supportive team, achieve triumph through a forward-facing goal such as a 5K race, and create purpose from pain by helping others. The 180 Your Life Eight Step Program is a holistic form of grief recovery: empowering your ground zero, forging your team, training your mind, body, and spirit, crossing your finish line, living your legacy, and unveiling your triumph. This book provides a daily roadmap to transfigure the reader’s grief journey from tragedy to triumph. When is it appropriate to cheer members of a grieving family? When they are crossing a finish line!

mishaelWritten by Mishael Porembski, a 20-year network news veteran, who was catapulted into intense grief after the untimely death of her husband when she was seven months pregnant with her second daughter. Feeling lost and isolated as a widow with young children, Mishael turned to her faith in God and eventually realized the need for grief communities that were active, healthy, and fun for those experiencing loss. 180 Your Life is a movement that creates these needed healthy communities for grieving families and those who support them. For easy small group facilitation, look for these companion books to this series: 180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph: A Facilitator’s Guide for Small Group Study 180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph: A Personal Study Guide & Journal

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order 180 Your Life From Tragedy to Triumph – A Woman’s Grief Guide through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through xulonpress.com/bookstore, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com.